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Our mission is to Connect, Inspire & Elevate


with industry thought leaders, and reshape future goals and gain valuable insights to achieve financial wellness.


yourself to make better financial decisions and create the life you deserve, free of stress and anxiety.


your professional journey with insights, connections, and a shared commitment to financial wellness

Our Ethos

Roots to Froots empowers individuals and workplaces to achieve financial well-being. We offer personalised 1-on-1 coaching sessions to help you understand your spending habits, create a budget, and manage debt. You can also join supportive group sessions for accountability and feedback from like-minded individuals. Additionally, we help companies design financial wellness programs for their employees, including workshops, educational resources, and access to financial coaching.

Mission & Vision

Wellbeing has increasingly become the foundation of a good life. Regardless of which stage you are in your life, your financial wellbeing is important and we want to provide you with tools and information to support you in making the most of your finances.

Meet Our Founder

“Without healthy Roots you cannot grow yummy Froots”

I created Roots to Froots during 2020’s first lockdown to help my community with their finances. A lot of people find finance daunting or scary. My aim is to bring a fun and friendly approach to spreading financial knowledge. Financial difficulties are a common cause of stress, and stigma around debt can mean that people struggle to ask for help and can become isolated. I want to be part of the solution, and help drive the positive movement.

Arlyne Chinyanganya
Founder – Roots to Froots


What our clients think about us.


Current Client

I attended one of the Roots to Froots live webinars and it was an excellent session. good timing, well organised, informative, interactive, and really relevant information for young adults who are at different stages of their financial wellness journey. I really enjoyed it and definitely provoked a lot of thought


Reduced Credit Card Debt

Arlyne was very clear in explaining each process and broke down each area of my finances which made everything so much easier to understand. We discussed all my options we walked through them all together making it all seem less scary. I am now feeling confident about my finances. Thank you Arlyne!


Business client

 As a new business owner, it’s been hard finding an accountant I could trust and rely on. I was very glad to met Arlyne, she understand the entrepreneur journey and makes the finance aspect of things less daunting.


Questions & Answers

What services does Roots to Froots offer for personal financial management?

Roots to Froots offers personalized financial coaching, budgeting and savings plans, debt management strategies and financial wellness workshops designed to help individuals achieve financial stability and peace of mind.

What can I expect from a financial coaching session?

During a financial coaching session, you will receive personalised guidance tailored to your specific financial situation. Our coaches will help you create a budget, set financial goals, manage debt, and develop a plan to achieve financial wellness.

Do you offer online resources for personal finance?

Yes, we provide a variety of online resources including articles, workbooks, webinars, excel budget templates and interactive tools to help you manage your personal finances effectively.

What financial services does Roots to Froots offer for startups?

We offer financial planning and analysis, cash flow management, budgeting, and forecasting, as well as advice on funding and investment. We also provide workshops and coaching tailored to the needs of startup founders and entrepreneurs.

How can Roots to Froots help my startup manage cash flow?

Our experts will work with you to develop a robust cash flow management strategy, including accurate forecasting, expense control, and identifying potential financial risks. We also offer tools and resources to help you monitor and optimise your cash flow regularly.

Do you provide assistance with funding and investment for startups?

Yes, we can help you understand different funding options, prepare for investor meetings, and create compelling financial presentations. Our goal is to help you secure the necessary funding to grow your startup.

Can you help with financial planning for new business ventures?

Absolutely. We provide comprehensive financial planning services that include business model analysis, financial projections, and strategic advice to ensure your new venture is on a path to success.

What services do you offer for corporate clients?

For corporate clients, we offer financial wellness programs for employees, including workshops, financial toolkits, and one-on-one coaching. We also provide consultancy services for corporate financial planning, budgeting, and strategic financial management.

How can financial wellness programs benefit my employees?

Financial wellness programs can reduce employee stress, increase productivity, and improve overall job satisfaction. By helping employees manage their personal finances effectively, you create a more engaged and motivated workforce.

What topics are covered in your financial wellness workshops for employees?

Our workshops cover a range of topics including budgeting, debt management, saving for retirement, investing, and understanding credit scores. We tailor our programs to meet the specific needs of your employees.

How do I sign up my company for your financial wellness programs?

To sign up your company, please contact us through our website or email us at hello@rootstofroots.com. We will discuss your specific needs and create a customised financial wellness program for your employees.

Can you provide on-site financial coaching for employees?

Yes, we offer on-site financial coaching sessions where employees can receive personalised advice and support. We also offer virtual coaching options to accommodate remote or hybrid work environments.

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